Orchard Group is here to help you help your community by implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions.

size = affordability

Orchard can do everything the big engineering firms do, but at a price that’s affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

genuine change agents pick us

Because of our unique approach and our multi-disciplinary team, we can design CSR projects that have real impact on the problem; the companies we work with want to be part of real change.

competitive recruiting

People want to work for employers that are helping to make the world better, and they are much less likely to leave those employers. With our background in workforce issues, we can help you develop a CSR initiative that supports your efforts in hiring the best, and keeping them.

accessible entry to CSR

We specialize in community level CSR programs that are impactful and of a scope that’s within reach for smaller organizations. We’re small, smart and quick; we’re the entry point to corporate sustainability for SMEs.